Thursday, August 18, 2011

Classic Casual

What I love about this look is that it doesn't follow an obvious trend. All of the pieces are classic staples in and of themselves. You will start to notice a trend in this feature, however. I am a bit of an Olsen twin fan. Call me crazy, or immature, whatever. They have such great style these days, especially Ashley.

Here is the photo I pinned:

And here is my version:

Shirt: birthday gift, around $30 from Express; Pants: back of my closet; Shoes: about $8, Target; Watch: gift, Fossil

This look is so great because not only is it super comfy, but it can be so versatile. Pairing the outfit with some heels and a nice blazer could easily go to the workplace. The shirt being tucked in makes everything look a bit more tied together and, while I'm not sure if this is really true, it seemed like it made my midsection feel more controlled.  The men's wear-style watch really adds to the laid back nature of the ensemble. And I personally loved my leopard flats, I think they add a little interest.

What do you like to wear on a casual day?

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