Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Style Project

Those of us who have discovered Pinterest know that it's a great place to gather inspiration for the home, recipes, and DIY projects. Perhaps my favorite thing about Pinterest is perusing the fashion tab and looking through all of the fabulous outifits and street style photos. If you're like me, many of those ensembles seem unattainable, or unrealistic for your lifestyle. There have been many times when I have pinned something and thought, "if I didn't go to a small mid-western college, I could totally wear this".
During the school year, I usually try to wake up, put make-up on, and look put together for my classes. I realize that is out of the norm for many college students, but I find that I pay attention and focus better when I am dressed like school is my job. Also, I am a young married chick, so I don't exactly have a budget that lends itself to shopping every weekend to keep up with the latest fashions. So, I've come up with a plan.

My idea is far from original, there are many bloggers out there taking pictures of what they're wearing (sometimes everyday), but I'm not doing this to have a hit blog. I'm doing this to feel better about myself in the style of clothes that I want to wear, I'm doing this to challenge myself and expand my clothing comfort zone, and I'm doing this to hopefully show my readers what you can do on a limited budget.

I'll be frequently posting pictures of my outfit du jour, each of them inspired by something I've seen on Pinterest.

So, without further adieu, here is my first day:

I've been seeing so much color on Pinterest lately. Think Kate Spade pops of color. I'm loving it. Here is a photo I've pinned:
I love that pop of pink and the graphic black and white contrast. Of course, I don't have these exact pieces in my closet, but I knew I could recreate the overall effect.
Top: back of my closet (a piece I've had for about 4 years); Skirt: thrifted $4; Shoes: birthday gift last year, from Journey shoes; Watch: gift, Fossil; Ring: Rue21

The inspiration outfit looks much more carefree, but I'm happy with the more professional look of my outift-and it's still very comfortable. Inspiration is more about taking an idea and making it your own than it is about completely trying to copy what you've seen.

How would you interpret the "Pops of Color" trend?

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  1. Crazy about this outfit! Totally young and fun without being jeans or worse, pajamas.
    I must admit to unshaven legs and owning a limited "nice pants" I've worn jeans to my "big girl" job a few times so far. Always ashamed (less ashamed on Fridays), but always DARK jeans with an extra-nice top to make up for it.