Friday, August 19, 2011

Crop tops and high waisted bottoms

That description sounds frightening, doesn't it? Crop tops are making a come-back in the fashion world but all they make me think of is cheerleading competition. Regardless, there is a tasteful way to incorporate this trend. When crop tops are paired with a high waisted bottom, it elongates the leg and leaves the top hanging at the very tip top of the pants or shorts, or whatever bottoms you're wearing. We don't have to walk around looking like we just time traveled to the early 90s and took a trip to the gym. You can also opt to tuck the top in, which is what I did. I'm not nearly bold enough to allow any part of my tummy to show.

So, here is the look I pinned:
And here is my version:

Top: $2, Goodwill; Shorts: $9, Urban Outfitters at a discount store

I think tucking in your top is definitely the way to go with this look, especially if you're wanting to define or create a tiny waist. Also, having a graphic pattern on the top and a more subdued color on the bottom distracts from the possible "Mom jean" effect of the high waisted trend.

As long as you don't stand around like you have a back ache....ehem.

In other news:
Who else is ready for fall? Dressing for cooler weather is so much more fun. I have a kajillion outfits lined up and ready.

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